X-Ray Machines

X-Ray Machines

We, at Hindland equipment are pleased to Introduce the complete family of Medical Diagnostic X ray equipment. The Range includes Mobile x ray and Fixed x ray machines with all capabilities of Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Spot filming. Various combinations of Tube Stands and Tables are available for applications in General Radiography and R+F applications. Hindland Equipments sale the high quality and cost effective x-ray machines for price sensitive Indian market. The Machines have been designed with many innovative features for User Friendliness. Special emphasis has been laid for Radiation safety and Reliability. The Team behind this Project has more than 30 Years of Experience in the Radiological Equipments and we plan to bring about a revolution in this field by introducing Products with unique features and capabilities. Both, LINE and HIGH Frequency Machines would be available in our Product Portfolio for various needs and Markets. Machines would Comply to the Regulatory Indian/International Standards for Safety.

HRAY 40 X-Ray machine

High frequency X-Ray Generator 40KW

  • Through 6 core Cable
  • Output Power 40kW
  • Nominal Tube Voltage 125kV
  • Max. Anode Heating Content 100KJ  Read more…


Line frequency Mobile X-Ray Diagnostic Machine

  • 100mA, 100 KVP, Mobile X-ray Machine for Radiography only
  • Electronic Timer
  • Electronic Overload Protection Device
  • Stationary Anode X-ray Tube : BEL or Imported Read more…


HRAY300 diagnostic High Quality X-ray generator

  • X-ray Tube voltage – 125 kV.
  • Nominal Focal Spot Value large focus – 2.0, small Focus 1.0.
  • Auto shut down Facilities(Collimator will automatically switched off).
  • HRAY 300 is protected by its in build protection circuits, Fuses and MCBs  Read more…


High Frequency 32KW X - Ray Generator

  • Type of tube Roatating Anode X-ray tube (1 No’s)
  • Rectification of Generator High frequency.
  • Radiographic Parameters kV Range 40 to 125kVp each steps.
  • Permanent Filtration 0.9mm Al/75 kV Read more…